Jan 31, 2010


My favorite design (beautiful box too...): An autumn unit without crew.

The armor plates on the legs and the smoke launchers are from the GANS. The bigger work is under the left foot. To support the weight the right leg is reinforced with a steel mainframe inside!

There is still work to do before painting (^_^)


Anonymous said...

Hey Arnaud,

I finally made it here to look at some of your work and I'm glad I did.

The detail in this guy is amazing. Beautiful!

Hopefully see ya round C-ville sometime soon,


Arnaud Boudoiron said...

Thanks Luke,
I m glad to see you here :)
we hope to see you soon too!

Anonymous said...

incroyable de précision ton marcheur ! j'adore , vraiment impatient de le voir peint !!!
sinon tu as vu les nouvelles sorties orks ? les boit'kitu et le superbe dread eud lamort ork !! j'adore !

Arnaud Boudoiron said...

Ah non rien vu encore ^^(j'y vais de suite!!) sinon j ai vu tes derniers Orks>>>Superbe!!

Anonymous said...

merci boy^^
alors ces nouveautés, tu les trouve comment ?

Arnaud Boudoiron said...

En 2 mots : Dynamisme et détails (beaucoup) ^^