Jan 21, 2010

COMING SOON - April 2010

Marvel Comics Catalog


Written by FRéDéRIC L’HOMME, Art and Cover by ARNAUD BOUDOIRON

In the near future, The Arnold Company has developed the Husk, fifteen-foot tall biomechanical suits that are an anatomical addition to their pilot’s body. In Paris, the BMRI police brigade features a special squad of Husk pilots in charge of investigating the most dangerous criminals of their time. This series explores the day-to-day life of these men and the different cases they must confront.

48 PGS./Mature < (@_@)' Variant Cover by LOUIS/LAMIRAND


Unknown said...

La classe.

Anonymous said...

Héhéhé trop bon ;))

nico mitric

Anonymous said...

Comment j'ai hâte de les recevoir!!!

J'suis trop fier!;)