Feb 10, 2011

( VIII ) Base & a New Fella!

A little explanation with a short summary of the Ma.K story to understand the idea of my ground:
-2807, World War IV. 80% of the Earth’s population was killed in the holocaust. The survivors left the decimated planet for the other colony planets.
-2855~ Surprise: the Earth returned to a natural paradise!
-2859, the first colonists settled in Australia.
(the Ma.K timeline from Bryan Krueger's website )
-2885, here we are!
So... these details on the base, are ruins of the past.
We can imagine after 78 winters, the fragments have been merged with the ground. the pieces of concrete mixed with dirt and metal completely oxidized

Dirt and dust, plaster, white glue thinned.
Those beige pieces were made with a mix of plaster and dirt, to get some porous stuff like cinder blocks...
The tiles are made with plastic card

Later, I'll paint this base and I'll add some plants and grass.

But before, the next figure! The little lady needs company:
The idea of the project is to put 2 figures (maybe 3...) around the Gustav.

The framework:

My skills are a little bit rusty... I made a simple pose: I'm going to do easy work ^^
The difficulty will be to smooth each surface and to get sharp edges. Plus, a good expression for his face!

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Pierre F. said...

I can't wait to see it done!